What We Started

When we launched earlier this year, we knew that what we set out to do was ambitious. While we never fully disclosed our plans, I can assure you that what you’ve seen from us the last few months is not the full realization of those plans. We knew it had to be like this.

While our plans were ambitious, our expectations were realistic. Neither of us has the time to dedicate fully (or in many ways even partially) to this site. What we really wanted was a start; confirmation that we could follow through on something to some end. We did it. That’s a small victory to us, but we’re not standing still.

Over the holidays, I’ve spent some time thinking about how we can revamp some things, what we can do to provide fresh content with our own spin. I’ve thought about how I can focus some of my own efforts so we can really zero in on what this is and what it should be. What we started is just that – a start. Now let’s bring it on home.