I Am Watching

Anyone who knows me could predict that my unblinking eyes will be glued to the screen tomorrow watching Apple’s latest media event, this one shaping up to be one of their biggest in a long long time. Tim Cook’s proclamations of upcoming new product categories have teased us enough and it’s time for Apple to start cashing some of those proverbial checks that his mouth’s been writing. Can you tell I’m excited?

What I’m not excited about however, is my ridiculous penchant for all things Apple and yet another electronic device to distract and hoard my attention. A new iPhone is a foregone conclusion in my cache of technical wares but I’ve been wearing the same watch for almost ten years now – it isn’t exactly something I’ve been itching to replace. If Apple announces an iWatch that fulfills everything I want, well I am in trouble.

Even if it falls short, I am not certain I will have the fortitude to resist. After all, my current watch is almost ten years old! Let’s just hope whatever is announced is less than extraordinary.