A Winter Wonderland of Porters and Stouts

Winters can be long but sufferable if you can find a comforting friend to help you pass the time. This winter, I discovered that Raleigh’s Big Boss Brewery had a direct line to my heart with their winter seasonal Aces & Ates. Brewed with locally-roasted Larry’s Beans, their coffee stout packs quite a punch (8.00% ABV) for this lightweight, making it a nice evening sipping beer during long winter nights. Aces & Ates is by far my favorite winter brew, but I’m the last person on Earth that you want giving recommendations for winter brews.

Thankfully, there are lots of other sources willing to shed their wisdom upon you. I found the Top 10 list from Food Republic mostly judgement-free, and it even features a brew from Durham’s own Fullsteam Brewery coming in at #5 (Fearrington Winter Coffee Pecan Porter). Despite what Budweiser tries to tell us, we are in the midst of a great era for beer drinkers, even in the doldrums of winter. Cheers!