Tool of Tread

I got married a few years back and one of the few responsibilities I had with the wedding1 was to pick out and purchase a gift for each of my seven groomsmen. I’ve gotten a few great groomsman gifts myself, so I felt a little bit of pressure to come up with something that was some combination of practical and sentimental. I settled for pure practical and purchased a Leatherman multi-tool for each of them. I gave it to them unceremoniously as we waited outside the wedding venue getting dressed in our cars while the ladies finished up their photo shoot.

Now there’s something even more amazing coming on the market from the same genius that gave us the original Leatherman, the Leatherman Tread – a multi-tool bracelet. There’s even a version that incorporates a Swiss-made watch. Move over, poor Citizen, because you’re about to find yourself forever banished to the nightstand by not one, but two new wrist accessories.

  1. I probably should have taken on a few more responsibilities.