Pumpkin Donuts

The Harbingers of Autumn

In my neck of the woods, Labor Day has long marked the end of summer. But now, in the midst of the Great Coffee Comeback, purveyors of some of the nation’s favorite coffee and coffee accouterments now hold the responsibility of signaling the early start to fall. That’s right, there is no more substantial indicator that fall is near than the press releases announcing the return of the Pumpkin Spice latte (or ‘PSL’ as it is commonly referred) and the return of the pumpkin doughnut at Dunkin Donuts.

Ahh, the pumpkin doughnut, that pumpkinny sweet fried dough, glazed confection of autumnal perfection. Though I must confess that I am already familiar and enchanted with its sugary charms, I contend that it still qualifies as something I don’t need to know I like. Doughnuts aren’t a particular weakness of mine; I can easily down two faster than I can blink twice, but barely a bite into a third, I’m dizzy with sugar-induced queasiness. That said, two doughnuts in a blink isn’t exactly the healthiest snack and that’s why pumpkin doughnuts are my #TIDNTKIL nominee for the week.