A Cup that Knows What You’re Drinking

All throughout my life I’ve encountered really cool things, foods, ideas, or activities that are totally ridiculous in some way or another. In an effort to minimize the ridiculous in my life, I dub these “Things I Don’t Need to Know I Like” (or TIDNTKIL for short) and try with all my might to avoid introducing myself to them. What follows is just one example of one such thing.

A few weeks ago, I came across one of those “I just backed this you should too” tweets promoting Vessyl, a cup that magically knows what you pour into it and can track various metrics for you (including things like caffeine, calories, sugar, and protein according to The Verge).

This is exactly the type of gadget that can suck me in and, at $100 off the eventual retail price, the $99 pre-order is extremely tempting. Not to mention, it isn’t too bad to look at either. As of this writing, there are only three days left to get in on the pre-order so I think I’ll be able to weather this storm. But if you’re interested, head on over to the product site and check it out for yourself.